Hello And Welcome To The Official Website Of Team 5119 Of The VRC, Work on sack attack has been going very well, and since our sponsorship with kuka, we have loads of new parts which have completed our robot.  

Welcome to team 5119s official website, this website was created to show the work that we have done since January 2012

The video to the left is a short montage put together from many members of team 5119 from the UK Nationals 2012. At this event we won the energy award and placed joint 3rd.

Content By: Liam Grazier, Georgia Preece, James Pearson and Vex Robotics Inc.


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2012-2013 Vex Game 

The Video to the right is the official Vex Sack Attack animation showing the Vex game for 2012-2013. This game was unveiled at Vex Worlds last April 2012. 

Since April, Autodesk designs have been created for the new robot, work on the new robot will start in September for the regional Vex Robotics Competition In February, We aim to have the Robot to be completed by late November, and to be able to have 2 months practice for autonomous and driver assist, as well as robot/programming skills.

Vex Sack Attack Workshop (December 11th)

On December 11th at North Bromsgrove High, team 5119 hosted an outreach programme to VRC teams in the local area to practice driving there robots in a competition environment. During this day each team had chance to test Driver/Autonomous game, as well as being able to test skills challanges.

To view a newspaper article about the workshop please follow this link.

Vex Robotics - Gateway 2011-2012

Team 5119 performed well at the UK Nationals of Vex, placing joint 3rd with our alliance (The Gilberd School). After battling our way through qualification, we paired with The Gilberd School and worked very well together, after getting to the semi-finals we were defeated most graciously by the John Warner Academy. 

Team 5119 Won an Energy Award At This Competition.

Brief History

Watch a video introduction of team 5119 here.

June 2011: After one full year of our previous rocket car project, we attended the big bang fair at RAF: Cosford to present our work, at this event we met Heather Corbett with is a member of the Vex team who was promoting Vex Robotics and a member of our school alerted us to the project.

November 2011: The Vex Robotics kits arrived.

January 2012: Team 5119 was established and work on prototypes began. 

March 2012: After many challenges and new ideas to help make our robot unique to other Robots at the Vex UK Nationals, we decided to remove our arm and change our line of attack, after removing our arm design our performance improved and we qualified, after this we paired up with the Gilberd School as an alliance and after battling our way through the knock out stages, we placed joint 3rd.

April 2012: As soon as the new game "Sack Attack" was released, we immediately started work on designs using autodesk as well as plans etc.

May 2012: After hundreds of messages back and forward via our facebook group, we finally agreed on our designs

July 2012: Vex Regional Workshop = Success ! 

July 2012: Our Vex Robot Is Dismantled, Ready For Work In September 

August 2012: Autodesk Designs Completed, and autonomous program pseudocode outlined

September 2012: work started on robot, and club restructure complete.

October 2012: Drive complete, Intake and arm under construction, autonomous program on hold due to lack of supplies.

November 2012: Drive and base completely finished, optical shaft encoders and potentiometers added and arm is completely finished. Also, the intake is working, all braces are finished and rotation is designed ready for attachment. (and all electronics for base and arm is wired *inc power expander)

December 2012: The internal workshop at school was a success, and we gained lots of driver experience, after this we decided to redesign elements of the robot. The drive/base is completely done, and the tower is also finished, the arm gear box is designed but is yet to be built. But the intake/rotation is done and is functioning well.

(Christmas Holiday)

January 2013: (Exams and minor work on robot)

February 2013: (Bristol Regional)

March 2013: (Nationals - qualification from regional)

April 2013: (Worlds - qualification from nationals)